Give way to a little pampering and enjoy exquisite fine dining with American Express

Dining – T&C’s

  1. The promotion is open to all American Express® Credit Cards issued by Nations Trust Bank PLC.
  2. The savings can be availed only for a maximum of 6 people per card at a given time. (Except at “Coffee shop”, “Flavors” ,” Margarita Blue” & “California Grill ”)
  3. The savings can be availed for a maximum of 10 people at the following Restaurants in Hotel Galadari.
  4. 20% Savings 15% Savings
    Coffee shop/ Flavors/ Margarita Blue California Grill
  5. The offers mentioned herein are valid only on Dine-in.
  6. The savings will not be applicable on Beverages, Deliveries & Takeaways.
  7. Cardmember is to settle the total bill via American Express credit card issued by Nations Trust Bank PLC to be eligible for the offers mentioned herein.
  8. Not valid for functions, banquets or catering related events.
  9. The offers cannot be exchanged for cash and/or used in conjunction with any other promotional programs or offers (as discount cards, promotional vouchers and in-house offer discount cards, etc) provided by service establishments involved in this promotion.
  10. Reservations to be made in advance by calling the specified numbers. The saving is not applicable for pre confirmed bookings made prior to the respective launch dates.
  11. Nations Trust Bank PLC accepts no liability for the quality of goods and services provided by the service establishments involved in this promotion since the Bank is not the supplier of such goods and services.
  12. If any dispute arises regarding any of the terms and conditions contained herein, the decision of the respective service establishment and Nations Trust Bank PLC shall be final.
  13. The Nations Trust Bank PLC reserves the right to modify or change all or any of the rules applicable to this promotion and/or features of this promotion at any given time and also reserves the right to extend or shorten the duration of the promotion and/or withdraw or cancel the promotion at anytime without prior notice.
  14. The promotion is bound by the terms and conditions of the respective service establishment(s) and Nations Trust Bank PLC.
  15. The general credit card terms and conditions will continue to apply.