Settle your wedding expenses in 12 Months with American Express


Terms & Conditions

  • This Zero % Wedding Extended Settlement Plan (ESP) Promotion is made available to all holders of American Express Credit Cards [“Card-member(s)”] issued by Nations Trust Bank PLC ( Bank ) excluding American Express Corporate cards.
  • The Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion will be available only during the period 16-June-2014 to 31-July-2014, both days included. (“Promotional Period”)
  • Under Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion, the Card member can request for an ESP on Twelve (12) month settlement period with Zero% handling fee for jewelry, flower arrangements and reception venue transactions carried out using American Express Credit Card during the Promotional Period, for a minimum value of Rs. 25,000/- per transaction provided that such transaction value is within the available balance and authorized limit of the credit card at the time of performing the transaction.
  • Card-member can request for multiple Zero% ESPs for tenures of Twelve (12) months during the Promotional Period, however, combination of two or more transactions will not be allowed.
  • The Card-member requesting for Zero% Wedding ESP Promotion should inform the call centre the transaction he/she wishes to convert, the date of such transaction, the name of the merchant and the value of such transaction and the same will be reflected in the customer’s next credit card statement.
  • The desired transaction(s) must be performed during Promotional Period and informed within one calendar month of the transaction Posting Date. The latest date for accepting requests will be 31st August 2014.
  • The Bank may at its sole discretion reject any ESP requests made by the Card member, which does not comply with the terms and conditions of the Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion.
  • It is the responsibility of the Card member to provide correct information and the Bank shall not be responsible in the event Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion cannot be provided due to incorrectly and or inadequately provided information on the transaction by the Card member, and/ or Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion is provided to a transaction other than the transaction intended by the Card member due to the said reasons.
  • The total transaction amount will be blocked within the existing credit limit and the respective installments will be billed to the statement on a monthly basis. The blocking will be gradually reduced along with the repayment of each installment
  • In the event the Card member’s credit card is terminated, cancelled, not renewed, or suspended due to any reason whatsoever or any breach of the terms and conditions herein including nonpayment of dues under the ESP or any breach of the Card member agreement and the terms and conditions thereof, the outstanding installments (including the Installments that are not billed) shall become immediately due and payable in full to the Bank.
  • Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, the Bank’s Card member agreement relating to the respective credit card shall apply to the installments and the payment of installments hereunder which shall be treated as a normal transaction charged to the credit card. In the event of any conflict arising between the terms and conditions hereof and the Card member agreement the former shall prevail only to the extent the same shall relate to matters involving the Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion.
  • All installment amounts debited are non refundable and the Bank accepts no responsibility in any way for any goods purchased under the Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion and any dispute relating to the same should be resolved by the Card member directly with the merchant and no claim by the Card member against the merchant will relieve the Card member from his/her obligation for repayment to the Bank hereunder.
  • Nations Trust Bank PLC reserves the right to withdraw the Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion or change the terms and conditions of Zero % Wedding ESP Promotion at its sole discretion.