Fastest way to bring your dream destination closer

The SriLankan Airlines Platinum American Express® Card - the Card that gives you the fastest way to bring your dream destination closer. You will also gain access to a host of exclusive SriLankan Airlines benefits and privileges.

For every Rs.100 spent on your Card, you will earn one FlySmiLes mile.

Whether you are dining at fine restaurants, going on a holiday or simply shopping, use your SriLankan Airlines Platinum American Express Card and you will be flying to your dream destination sooner.


•  Lifestyle Benefits
•  Travel Benefits
•  Financial Security
•  Customer Experience
•  Rewards


Guides to services and fees
Minimum payment due whichever is higher 4% or Rs. 250
Standard Cash advance limit 50%
Annual fee - Primary Rs. 10,000
Annual fee - Supplementary Rs. 1,000 (1st three supp's free)
Finance Charge 2.33% p.m (28% p.a)
Cash advance fee (Revolving Int rate) 2.33% p.m (28% p.a)
Cash advance fee (Overseas) USD 3 + 4% on the face value
Cash advance fee (Locally) Rs. 300/- + 4% on face value
Maximum Credit Period on new purchases 50 Days
Minimum Credit Period on new purchases 20 Days
Late payment fee Rs. 1,200
Excess charge over credit limit Rs. 990
Processing Fee for an Urgent Application Rs. 750
Returned cheque (Lack of funds) Rs. 1,000
Returned cheque (Other reasons) Rs. 200
Limit enhancement fee (Normal) Rs. 600
Limit enhancement fee (Within 24Hours) Rs. 900
VISA Letter Rs. 500
Card replacement fee Rs. 500
Copies of statement (within last three statements)** Free
Copy of sale voucher - (up to a maximum of 3 months from transaction date) Free
PIN replacement fee Free
Billing cycle change Free
Early renewal fee Free
Re-couriering of cards Free
Standing instruction % changing fee Free
Overseas courier fee Rs. 3,000
SMS Alert Rs. 250
Exchange Rates for overseas transaction billing All overseas transactions will be converted using American Express exchange rates. In order to mitigate local exchange rate movements, an additional amount (upto 2.5%) will be included to the rate at the time of billing.

Finance charge, Cash advance fee and late payment fee revision effective 01.07.2017

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Srilankan Airlines Platinum American Express Card & important information on Credit Card Usage