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• A customer attempting to hurry things up (mostly at closing time) or selecting items without regard to size, quality or value.

• A customer buying clothes without trying them on.

• A customer who takes another look at the Card before signing the charge slip.

• An "edgy" or unusually nervous customer.

• A customer's signature that looks different from the one on the Card.

• A high value transaction on a newly issued Credit Card.

• Cards which are pulled out from pockets and not from wallets or purses.

• Card on which the validation period has expired.

• Altered Cards.

• Customers who fail to provide identification when requested.

• Customers who purchase large items and insist on taking them immediately even if delivery is included in the price.

• Ghost images of other numbers behind the embossing. This occurs when the Card has been re-embossed.

• Customers purchasing an un usual amount of expensive items.

• Customers who make several small purchases to stay under live floor limit or when customers ask what the floor limit is.

• Customers who sign the sales voucher slowly an awkwardly.


• The Card number and the signature on the Card matches those on the signed slip.

• Hologram (optional).

• The Card relates to the holder in terms of name, age and gender.

• Registration mark next to the Blue box logo.

• The four digit batch code on the front of the Card is always printed (not embossed).

• Cards are not transferable even among family members.

• The Card (signature stripe) is not tampered with or damaged or a dull finish Card.

• Card number on the front and the reverse of the presented Card should be similar.

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