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Extended Settlements

Go Green with American Express® e Statements

Why wait for paper statements in the post? Switch to free online PDF eStatements from American Express® and we’ll send you a monthly email when your new statement is ready. All what you need to do is one of the following to view your monthly statements from wherever you are.

For hassle free quick registration,

Send a “Service Request” via Nations Mobile Banking app.
Please visit to download the app.


Contact our call center hotline – 0114 414141
Fax +94114501076

Key Benefits

Improved Security

Your statements will be delivered securely to your specified private email account, minimizing the risk of fraud.

Faster Access

Go paperless and you will be able to view your statement the moment it’s ready. Your monthly statement will arrive in minutes, not days.

More Efficient

Archive your statements electronically and save on paper, space and time spent looking for information. Or you can simply choose to download and save the statements you deem important to a secure part of your PC or disc for future reference.

Greater Flexibility

You will be able to access and click through your statements at whatever time, from wherever you are.

Print and Save

Any time you need a hard copy of a statement, simply print one off in seconds.

Environmentally friendly

Online statements are an easy way to cut down on your paper usage and help protect the environment.

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