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Membership Rewards

About The Program

  1. How do I Enrol in the Membership Rewards® Program?
    The Centurion Platinum Card is eligible to earn Membership Rewards points and are automatically enrolled in the Program:
    If you have the Nations Trust Bank American Express Gold Credit Card, you may Enrol in the Program for an annual fee of LKR 250.
    To find out more, call us at +94 11 441 4141 or visit Nations Online Banking on or via your Nations Mobile Banking app.
  2. I have two Cards that are eligible to earn Membership Rewards points. Can I link them together and consolidate my points?
    If you have more than one Card that allows you to earn points, i.e your primary card and supplementary card/s these are automatically linked so that points are accumulated in the same Points Account.
  3. What can I get for my points?
    Your points give you access to a wide range of exciting Rewards. You can enjoy over 100 redemption offers under categories such as Shopping, Beauty & Wellness, Travel & Leisure, Wine & Dine, Online, Premium American Express Merchandise and even pay your annual fee.
    Visit to explore the rewards catalogue.
  4. Can anyone else use my points?
    As the Basic Cardmember, you are the only person who can redeem the points in your Membership Rewards Points Account.
  5. Why were points taken from my account?
    You may lose points in the following circumstances:
  • If you do not make your required monthly payment on time
  • If you cancel your Card
  • If we cancel your Card
  • If your Points Account is cancelled
  • You can request we return lost points. It is ultimately our decision and we may agree to return lost points if:
  • Your Card and all Linked Cards are in good standing;
  • You make your request to return lost points within 3 months of the date of the Card statement showing the points removed; and
  • You pay the reinstatement fee
  • Where can I find Rewards?
    Click here to view latest rewards.

About Earning Points

  1. How do I earn points?
    You earn Membership Rewards points for eligible purchases charged to your Card. Simply charge your everyday purchases to your Card and your points will add up quickly. You receive 1 MR points for every LKR 100 charged to your Credit Card.
  2. How can I earn points quicker?
    Simply follow these three easy steps:
  1. Remember to use your Card for everyday purchases, from gas for your car to magazine subscriptions to dining out. The more you spend on your Card, the more your points can accumulate.
  2. Use your Card to pay your regular bills automatically and you can earn points on the bills you’re already paying.
  3. Earn more rewards by sharing many of the benefits of your Card with someone special. Add Supplementary Cards to your account and you will earn points on those purchases too. Return to the top.
  • Do Membership Rewards points expire?
    No. There is no expiry or use by date on points while you stay enrolled in the Program.
  • Can I transfer points to a friend?
    No, it is not possible to transfer points to someone else’s Points Account.
  • How do I check my points balance?
    Simply login to your Nations Online Banking on or login to your Nations Mobile Banking app. You can also view your rewards statement in your monthly Credit Card statement.

How To Redeem My Points?

  1. Redeeming is easy. Just follow these three simple steps:
    • Check your points balance. You can do this by visiting Simply login to your Nations Online Banking on or login to your Nations Mobile Banking app. You can also view your rewards statement in your monthly Credit Card statement.
    • Choose your Rewards. Our website features a wide range of exciting Rewards including: top-brand merchandise, gift cards and certificates, as well as premium travel and entertainment options. Click here to view latest rewards.
    • Click or call. Follow the instructions on our website to complete your redemption. Alternatively, you may call us at +94 11 441 4141
  2. How do I transfer my points to another loyalty program?
    If your Card has these reward options available, transferring your points to a participating frequent flyer or other loyalty program is easy. Currently we have the below transfer partners available.
  • SriLankan Airlines Fly Smiles: 04MR points = 1FS
  • Asia Miles : 04MR points = 1Asia Mile
  • Hilton Honors : 03MR points = 1 Hilton Honors
  • Star Points : 03MR points = 1 StarPointTo transfer points to one of these third parties,Contact our 24 hour Customer Service Hotline on +94 11 441 4141 to transfer the required American Express Membership Rewards Plus points to your frequent traveler programme.
  • Can I transfer points into someone else’s frequent flyer or loyalty program account?
    No, Membership Rewards points can only be transferred by you into an account in your name.
  • Does American Express automatically transfer points to my frequent flyer or other loyalty program account?
    No, if you want to transfer your points to your eligible frequent flyer or other loyalty program you request for it.
  • I’ve transferred points from my Membership Rewards account to my frequent flyer or other loyalty program account but I can’t get the booking I want. Can I transfer them back?No. Once points are transferred, the transfer cannot be reversed.
  • Are there any restrictions as to when I can use my gift cards or certificates?
    With a few gift cards and certificates there are times during the year when availability is limited. Please consult the terms that come with the gift card for additional information, such as expiry or use by dates.
  • Can I send items to a different address or someone else?
    Yes. You can change the delivery name and address at checkout if informed to our Contact Center Agents. However, please note that Rewards cannot be delivered to a PO box or to an address outside Sri Lanka.
  • How do I return unwanted items?
    Once you redeem points for merchandise, gift cards, or gift certificates, they are not refundable, replaceable, or redeemable for cash, credit, or points.
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