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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Membership Rewards” means American Express Membership Rewards Program provided to eligible Cardmembers by Nations Trust Bank. “Cardmember” means a holder of an American Express Card issued by Nations Trust Bank. Enrolment Date” means the first day of the month in which the Bank receives the application for enrolment in the Membership Rewards non frequent traveler Option or the Membership Rewards Frequent Traveler Option. Enrolment Year” means the twelve month period commencing on the Program Enrolment Date and each successive Twelve month period thereafter. frequent Traveler program” means a participating global partner program. Frequent Traveler Option” means the option to redeem Frequent Traveler Rewards through the Program. Frequent Traveler Rewards” means rewards obtained by transferring points to Frequent Traveler Programs and such other rewards as may be added from time to time. Linked Accounts” means all eligible Card Accounts held by a Primary Card member for the purpose of accruing points. Non-Frequent Traveler Rewards” means all rewards provided through the program other than Frequent Traveler Rewards including shopping, dining , entertainment, financial services, local travel, unique experience rewards and such other rewards as may be added from time to time. Points” means Membership Rewards Points . Program” means the American Express Membership Rewards Program and includes both the Frequent Traveler Option and the Non- Frequent Traveler Option. Program Account” means the Membership Rewards Program Account of a Cardmember.

2.1 All   American   Express Cardmembers Cards issued   by   Nations Trust Bank   only ( Excluding:   The American  Express  Blue   Credit   Card,   Corporate  Cards  and   the nations Trust Bank John Keells Group Affinity Card) are eligible to participate in the Membership Rewards Program.

2.2 Eligible Cardmembers will not be automatically enrolled in the American Express Membership  Rewards
Non-frequent Traveler Option and the Frequent Traveler Option

2.3 Cardmembers  are  required  to  enroll  in  the  American  Express  Membership Rewards Frequent Traveler Option as well and the Non-frequent Traveler Option by calling our 24 hour customer service hotline on (011) 4414141.

2.4 Only  Card  Accounts  in  good  standing  (  i.e  non-delinquent  Accounts)  at  the Enrollment Date are eligible for enrollment

3.1 An Annual Fee of Rs. 500 will be charged for enrolment in the Membership Rewards Frequent Traveler Option. An Annual Fee of Rs. 250 will be charged for enrolment in the Membership Rewards Non- Frequent Traveler Option.

3.2 Fees  for participation in the program  shall be determined by the Bank  and notified to Cardmembers from time to time

(Applicable to both frequent Traveler Option and Non Frequent Traveler Option)

4.1 Except  for  promotional  offers,  Cardmembers  earn   one  point  for  every  Rs.  100 spend  on  their American Express  Credit  Card  at  any  American Express  Credit Card  acceptance point locally or  overseas excluding all cash advances, fees and charges against Credit Card facilities

4.2 Adjustments will be made to the Points earned in the Program Account if there are any credits arising from returned goods or services or from billing disputes.

4.3 Points  accrued  in  the  Program  Account  are  not  the  property  of  the Cardmember  and  they  are  non transferable,   whether   by   operation   of   law   or otherwise, either to any other person. It could only be transferred to any of the participating Frequent Traveler partners or the Cardmember’s Nexus account with the applicable conversion rate.

4.4 Points accrued in the Program Account has no cash or monetary value.

There  is  no  expiry  date  for  Points  earned  while  participating  in  the  program. However  the  Bank reserves  the  right  to  institute  an  expiry  date  for  points  that have been already accrued or will be accrued thereafter.

The Bank will notify the Cardmember via  the  monthly statement of account the number of Points accrued as at the Card statement date. Cardmembers are able to able to redeem the points available as at their last statement of account.

7.1 Only Card Accounts in  good standing (  i.e non-delinquent) will be  eligible for Redemption

7.2 Points can be redeemed simply by calling our 24 hour Customer Service Hotline on (011) 4 414141 or by sending a fax to (011) 4 414142. Cardmembers are only able to redeem the points available as at their last statement of account.

7.3 On  contacting the  Bank  the  caller  will  be  required to  provide sufficient information to be identified as the Cardmember. Upon verification of identity a gift voucher will be dispatched by the Bank to the Cardmember.

7.4 When  redemption  is  made  the  number  of  points  redeemed  will be  deducted from  the  Cardmembers

Program Account and the gift voucher will be dispatched to the Cardmember or his/her nominee.

7.5 The bank will not be liable for deliveries of gift vouchers via courier service

7.6 The  Cardmember can  pass  the  gift  voucher redeemed to  any person  he/she wishes to.  The  Bank  will not  be  held  responsible  /  liable  in  any  manner whatsoever once the gift voucher has been issued  by the Bank and collected either by the Cardmember of his/her nominee from the Bank’s counter or once the voucher has been posted or handed over to the courier to be delivered. The Bank will not be liable for any lost or stolen vouchers.

7.7 The  Cardmember  or  his/her  nominee  will  have  to  present  the  voucher  at  the Membership Rewards merchant outlet in order to redeem the product/ enjoy the service featured in the website.

7.8 In the event  the  voucher  is  not  presented  at the  Membership Rewards partner Establishment within  the validity  period  stipulated  the  Bank  will  not  be  held responsible  in  any  manner  whatsoever  and  will  no reissue any replacement vouchers.

7.9 Products/services  listed  as  redemption  options  are  subject  to  availability.  The Bank is not responsible for non availability of the products / services listed.

7.10 The Bank reserves the right to add or replace any product/service offered as a redemption option in this guide without any prior notice.

7.11 The Bank is not the supplier of any of the products or services redeemed at any of the merchant outlets  and will therefore not accept any liability in respect of the quality of the products/services thereto. The Bank will not be liable for making prior bookings at any of the hotels/travel agents/airlines mentioned.

7.12 The number of points required for redemption is subject to change without prior notice.

7.13 Changes to  redemption requests made and processed will not be accommodated.

7.14 The Bank reserves the right to issue gift vouchers that have a limited validity period.

7.15 The redemption options available will be listed on the American Express Website

8.1 All rewards are subject to availability and certain restrictionS may apply.

8.2 Any additional meals, transportation or accommodation arrangements made in connection with any reward will be the sole responsibility of the Cardmember.

8.3 In  the  event that  the  reward  takes  the  form  of  a  gift  voucher should the cardmember purchase goods or services in excess of the value noted on the gift voucher,  the  Cardmember  must  settle  payment  or  the difference to  the participating service establishment.

9.2 To convert accrued Miles to any participating Frequent Traveler Programs the Cardmember must first enroll and be a member of the applicable Program. Enrollment in such Programs is the Cardmember’s responsibility

9.3 The conversion rates for Miles into participating Frequent Traveler Programs vary among participating Frequent Traveler Program partners and details are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Bank.

9.4 Card members are subject to and must comply with the Terms and Conditions of the applicable Frequent Traveler Program in which they are enrolled.

9.5 The Bank assumes no responsibility for Miles converted from a Cardmember’s Program Account into a participating Frequent Traveler Program or for the actions of any participating airline or hotel in connection with its Frequent Traveler Program Partners or otherwise

9.6 Any airline or hotel’s participation in the Program is subject to change with or without notice

9.7 The Bank’s Credit Card travel insurance benefits do not apply to flights taken with frequent flyer tickets or Mackinnons Travel vouchers and including frequent flyer tickets obtained by using Points converted from a Cardmember’s Program Account.

9.8 With regard to Travel vouchers redeemable at Mackinnons American Express Travel the following Terms and Conditions will apply.

9.8.1 The Travel Voucher can only be redeemed at Mackinnons Travels and is valid for 3 months from the date of issue

9.8.2 Travel Vouchers cannot be refunded, exchanged for cash nor used in conjunction with other promotional programs or offers. The redemption offer is bound by the terms and conditions of Nations Trust Bank, American Express Cards and their respective establishments

9.8.3 In the case of part payment using travel voucher, the balance should be paid using an American Express credit Card.

9.8.4 In the case of cancelled flights or bookings, Mackinnons Travels are liable for payments owing to the Cardmember if any.

9.8.5 Cardmembers will not be entitled to Travel Insurance when purchasing their ticket/s using the Travel Voucher.

9.8.6 The cardmember is solely responsible for any ( i) insurance; ( ii) airport transfer fees; ( iii) airport taxes and ( iv) fuel surcharges and levies.

9.8.7 Nations Trust Bank is not responsible for lost or stolen Travel Vouchers.

9.9.8 With Regard to Transferring Miles into Frequent Flyer Program, a cardmember is required to have a minimum balance of 5,000 Membership Miles and after redeeming the Miles the customer needs to maintain a minimum balance of 2,000 Membership Miles.

9.9.9 For each Frequent Flyer Program transfer the customer needs to make a payment of LKR 100/-.

10.1 If   the   Card   Account   or   any   Linked   Account   is   not   in   good   standing   (   i.e delinquent). The cardmember’s enrollment in the Frequent Traveler Program may be cancelled or Points accrued in the Program Account may be forfeited.

10.2 Cardmember’s  enrollment  in  the  Frequent  Traveler  Program  may  also  be cancelled or Points accrued may be forfeited due to the Card member’s failure to  adhere  to  the  Terms  and  Conditions  governing  the Card Account or the Program

10.3 If a Card member cancels all  Primary Cards, or for any reason the Bank cancels any Linked Accounts(s) , any Points accrued in the Program Account will at the discretion of  the Bank be suspended and will  not  be capable  of conversion or redemption.  If  the  Cardmember  reinstates  any  Card  Account  or  if  the  bank reinstates the linked account(s) within one year  of cancellation , any points accrued in the cardmember’s Program  account  may  be  converted  into  a participating Frequent Traveler Program or redeemed for rewards subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Program.

10.4 If an eligible cardmember who has  more than one Primary Card Account, voluntarily cancels any such Card account and at least one Primary Card Account remains, any Points accrued in the Program as a result of charges billed to the cancelled Card may be transferred to the remaining Card account in his or her name.

11.1 The Bank assumes no responsibility for any loss of whatever nature resulting from the redemption of either Frequent Traveler or Non-Frequent Traveler rewards.

11.2 The Bank can suspend or terminate the Program at any time it deems necessary in such a case, the Bank shall give advance notice to all Card members.

11.3 The Bank reserves the right to change the Program Terms and Conditions at any time

11.4 Fraud and abuse relating to the earning of Points in the Program or redemption of  rewards           including transfer  of  Points  to  participating  Frequent  Travel Programs may result in forfeiture of accrued Points as well as cancellation of a cardmember’s Program Account

11.5 All questions or  disputes regarding eligility for the  Program or the eligibility ofPoints for accrual or redemption  of  rewards  including  transfer  of  Points  to  a participating Frequent Traveler Program will be resolved by the Bank at its sole discretion

11.6 The Program Account is not transferable

11.7 The Bank’s failure to enforce a particular Term or Condition does not constitute a waiver of that Term or Condition by the Bank

11.8 Once  accrued  Points  in  a  Cardmember’s  Program  Account  have  been redeemed for  any  reward in the Program  including a transfer  of  Points to  a participating  Frequent  Traveler  Program  ,  they  cannot  be refunded or transferred back into the Cardmember’s Program Account

11.9 Any  dispute  concerning  goods  or  services  received  as  a  reward  under  the Program  shall  be  settled between the Cardmemers and  the Service Establishment, which supplied the goods or services. The bank will bear  no responsibility for resolving such disputes or for the dispute itself

11.10 Cardmembers agree  to  receive  direct  mailers  from  time  to  time  which communicate special  offers in conjunction with the Membership Rewards Program

11.11 In  the  event of  a  particular transaction  being  disputed  or  charged  back  or reversed for any reason points accrued from such transactions will be reversed by the Bank

11.12 Where a particular transaction has been performed and the points have been redeemed and subsequently either a dispute/ transaction  reversal has been made,  the  Bank  reserves  the  right  to  recover  the  Rupee equivalent  of  the extra  points  redeemed  on  account  of  such  transactions  by  charging  the Credit Card account or any other account maintained with nations Trust bank by the  respective Cardmember. In the  event a  claim is  made  in  such instances the  Cardmember agrees to  settle  such  sums  due  by the  next payment date indicated in the Cardmembers statement

11.13 The Bank reserves the right to tie up with any other loyalty / reward/ mileage Program at its own discretion

11.14 Fraud  or  any  such  attempts  relating  to  the earning and  pooling  of  rewards points  or redemption orders   may   result   in   forfeiture   of   the   accrued   rewards points in addition to the Card being withheld/ cancelled

11.15 If a customer decides to cancel his  Card Account all points earned will be forfeited

11.16 In case of any dispute arising out of the Program the decision of the Bank will be final

11.17 The  Bank  reserves  the  right  to  add  or  remove  Membership  partner Establishment listed in     the website at anytime during the Program without giving prior notice

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Sri Lankan law

13.1 Accounts which are blocked due to overdue payments the Miles redemption will be suspended immediately.

13.2 Once the account is regularized to activate the redemption facility the customer needs to pay a fee of LKR 500.00/-.

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