Why American Express

Why American Express

Accepting the American Express® Card provides your customers with greater flexibility when purchasing from your business. And giving your customers more options is a great way to enhance your level of customer service and sales.

Supporting Merchants

We’re committed to helping our Merchants acquire valuable and loyal customers. American Express offers convenient processing services; policies that help protect you against fraud and cost-effective point of purchase terminals.

Convenience & Security

We offer convenient processing services and ongoing initiatives and policies that help protect you against fraud, safeguard against chargebacks and effectively manage Merchant and customer enquiries.

Attract Profitable New Customers

With over 60 million Cardmembers worldwide, and more Cardmembers joining the network everyday, when you welcome the American Express® Card, you welcome a world-class organisation with a well-earned reputation for service solutions expertise. American Express helps support and grow your business by helping you attract profitable new customers.

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